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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

These Days....

Somebody had asked me a while back, whether it would be possible to start loving again, somebody whom you were taught to hate or learned to hate yourself. Alas! there is no way I could get in touch with that person now. But I certainly have an answer for his question now and it is a "Yes".

The fragile relationships and the thin thread which sometimes hold them together has amazed me many a times. In fact, I was most amazed when I realized that even people who grew up together could behave like strangers at several points in life.

You have probably seen the lover who swears to stay by till life's end, tells you a thousand times that there could be no love above the one you share  and tends to break away instantly in the name of clauses and conditions, and you kept thinking that true love was unconditional. What of the little baby who gets entangled and hurt in trifles between his/her begetters? What of the sibling who gets isolated from the family, simply because they felt they might have to share a portion of their rights with this one?

The thin thread that holds these relations is often broken by such conditions, clauses, misunderstandings, lack of any understanding, fights for rights; and there is born the man who does not know how to maintain a relationship. He does not reflect on the fact that life is too short for such trivialities and that, he would get very little time to enjoy each of these relationships bestowed upon him or designed by himself. He clings onto his bigger self and so goes into hiding, those that could have brought him moments of deepest joy in his short span of life.

Why not make it a point to strengthen the threads and brush aside those splinters that otherwise might hurt for a lifetime to come? Game for it? ;)

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